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Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe XD | Figma

Daily UI is a series of daily Design Challenges Inspiration. I decided to start this challenge to enhance my UI skills. I’ve used a number of tools to complete the challenges including Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Figma. Each day, I receive a new prompt from Daily UI and I challenge myself to learn a new skill in one of the above platforms to complete the prompt. Check out my UI design progress below!

Day 1: Create A Sign Up Page


To start the challenge I did a simple login design with the goal of becoming better acquainted with Figma.

Day 2: Credit Card Checkout

Adobe XD

For day 2 of the #DailyUI challenge, I was tasked with creating a credit card checkout form. I decided to create the checkout flow for Freshii, a local health foods restaurant. I have a goal of learning interaction Design and wanted to create the UI for a receipt being printed from the order summary. When I do learn more about interaction design and how to make this happen, I will go back and prototype the design as practice to turn my ideas into reality.

Day 3: Landing Page

Adobe XD

For day 3 of the challenge, I created a stunning landing page for a fictional interior design company. I wanted to ensure to tell a story of the brand and the clients they’ve helped so far.

Day 4: Calculator


I created a simple calculator and played around with inner and drop shadows to add depth to the buttons.

Day 5: App Icon

Adobe Illustrator

The Real World is an adulting app that helps young adults transition into being on their own. However, the current app design is very retro and I don’t believe it aligns with the target audience. I decided to recreate the logo to appeal to the target audience. The idea was to create a modern logo with a 90s touch to resonate with the target audience.

Day 6: User Profile

Adobe XD

For Day 6 of the #DailyUI challenge, I was tasked with creating a user profile. I decided to recreate my Twitter profile using my resume. View the interactive prototype here.

Day 7: Settings

Adobe XD

For Day 7 of the #DailyUI challenge, I was tasked with creating a settings page. I decided to create a page that goes along with yesterday’s challenge of a user profile. Check out the full prototype with the user profile and settings here!

Day 8: 404 Page

Adobe Illustrator

For today’s challenge, I created a 404 page for a modern tech company using Adobe Illustrator. I challenged myself to play with the pen tool to enhance my skills. I also learned how to make bubble like letters using the blend tool.

Day 9: Music Player

Adobe Illustrator

For the 9th day of the #DailyUI challenge I was tasked with creating a music player. I was inspired by Ye’s Stem player and added the UI for this functionality on a music app.

Day 10: Social Share

Adobe Illustrator

For day 10 of the #DailyUI challenge I created a social share with my own twist. I created a sliding circle that users can scroll through to choose sharing options. I wanted to do something different and eye catching that would set this fictional social media platform apart from others.

Day 11: Flash Message


For day 11, I created a dark and light version of a success and error message for updating your profile. I also included a pop up and message notification.

Day 12: E-Commerce Shop (Single Item)


For day 12 of the challenge, I created an e-commerce product page for a web template using the interior design landing page I created earlier in the template. I wanted to answer common user pain points when shopping online for digital templates by providing an easy to navigate product description. The product description includes everything included in the digital download, the return policy and the download instructions to aid users before and after purchasing the template.

Day 13: Direct Messaging

Adobe XD

I created a direct messaging feature for the Connected platform. Feel free to check out the case study for this project here.

Day 14: Countdown Timer

Adobe XD

I created a countdown timer with a resembling a water bowl. The thought process behind this design was that the numbers would emerge from the water as the clock ticked down. I was also able to prototype this to bring this vision to life. Check out the prototype here.

Day 15: On/Off Switch

Adobe XD

I decided to have fun with the on/off switch and create a vacation and work mode toggle. Will you turn on your work or vacation mode? View the prototype here.

Day 16: Pop-Up/Overlay

Adobe XD

I created a pop up for a dating app. When a user receives a new match, this will pop up while using the app.

Day 17: Email Receipt


I created an email receipt with order tracking. I decided to create a receipt that you don’t see often with most e-commerce stores.

Day 18: Analytics Chart

For day 18 of the Daily UI Challenge, I decided to make a social media analytics chart. This chart is completely customizable to fit your needs and includes all of the KPIs and other analytics that one may need for social media reporting. 

Feel free to see my progress from sketching to prototype!

Day 19: Leaderboard

For day 19 I decided to create a generic leaderboard that highlights the top 3 winners. I chose to use gold, silver, and bronze to represent first through third place for familiarity.

Check back for more updates!

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