Hi! My name is Asia (like the continent!) I graduated from Howard University in May of 2020. Graduating at the peak of the pandemic made it difficult to find a job, especially one that I felt passionate about. After building a website for my own business and helping other small businesses build their website, I realized my passion for building digital products. As a marketing professional, my goal was to understand the customers' needs and wants and provide solutions to their issues while also reaching company goals. My love for marketing and design led me to UX design. Since November 2021, I have completed the Google UX Design Professional Certificiation,  participated in a UX pitch competition and have continued to work on a number of passion and real world projects to continue to grow my skillset. I am currently looking for a full time role at an amazing company like yours!

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Skills & Methodologies

Softwares & Tools

Business Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management
Competitive Analysis
Data Analytics Review & Synthesizing
Human Centered Design Approach


Persona Building
Prototype Feedback & Testing
Social Media Monitoring
User Interviews & Surveys
Wire framing


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